Motorcycle Operator License Requirements

A Class M license is required to operate, legally, a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle in Georgia. Every motor vehicle having a saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding a tractor and moped (with engine size less than 50CC), are defined as motorcycles. Georgia law places all types of motorcycles including scooters, motorbikes and minibikes (with engine size 51 CC or greater) into one classification. All are considered motor-driven cycles.

Class M – License Requirements
  1. Must be 17 years of age and have parental consent, if under age 18.
  2. Under age 18, Certificate of Attendance (Form DS-1) must be presented.
  3. Must successfully complete a motorcycle examination which includes special road signs test, a special road rules test and an actual driving test on a motorcycle.
  4. You must also pass a vision test. If the vision test was administered and passed during the year in conjunction with another license issuance, the eye test may be waived.
  5. If the applicant meets the established requirements for a Class M license, and also possesses a Class C or combination of other classes of permits, that license must be surrendered and a photographic license containing the Class M endorsement will be issued. The applicant will not be given a refund for their remaining period of validity of the other license, but such endorsements would run concurrently with the Class M endorsement.
Class MP – Instructional Permit

All applicants must pass an eye test and an examination of motorcycle knowledge. A Class MP instructional permit is valid for 6 months. It is not mandatory for a Class M license applicant to obtain a Class MP instructional permit before taking the Class M examination, although road test reservations are available only to those applicants who hold a Class MP instructional permit. Restrictions for a Class MP instructional permit are as follows:

  1. Must be at least 16 years old and have parental consent if under 18.
  2. Under age 18, Certificate of Attendance (Form DS-1) must be presented.
  3. Must complete Driver’s Education Training to obtain a Class MP at age 16.
  4. Motorcycle operation in daylight hours only.
  5. No passengers allowed.
  6. No limited access roadways.
  7. Safety equipment as prescribed by law.

A moped is defined as any motor driven cycle with an engine not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters (3.05 cubic inches). Mopeds are exempt from the provisions relating to the registration and licensing of motor vehicles. Rules to operate mopeds on Georgia roads and highways:

  1. Must be 15 years of age and have in their possession a valid driver’s license, instructional permit or limited permit.
  2. Must wear protective headgear (motorcycle helmet).
  3. No tag is required.
  4. Every person operating a moped upon a roadway must obey the same traffic laws governing drivers of motor vehicles.
  5. May not use limited access highways or other roadways where the minimum speed limit is above 35 mph.
The Driving Test (Class M)

You must furnish a motorcycle for the test and pass a safety inspection of the motorcycle by the license examiner before the driving test is given. For more information, please see the Motorcycle Safety Program.